Lechon de Cebu Commissary Kitchen and Office


Whether you’re opening your first restaurant, opening your second restaurant, or renovating an existing restaurant, eventually there will be a need for an efficient offsite commissary. With the case of Lechen de Cebu’s commissary kitchen is where the heart and soul of the restaurant is: the food, and the staff that create it. A big part of the kitchen is caring for the Pigs as operational flow plays vital role.

This kitchen + office is designed with areas by function: cleaning, storage and inventory, food preparation, meal cooking, and service. In this layout, the waste disposal and cleaning area is far away from the meal cooking area, and completed meals exit the kitchen on one side while dirty dishes enter the kitchen on another. The office aesthetic is summed up as Brooklyn style with faux brick wall cladding with cement skim coat walls. This casual aesthetic brings a laid bag vibe for the office. No frills, no fuss approach creates a strong and motivational place in which to get to work.